7th day of class: English 121 MW and English 100 W

Okay, this has got to be fast, because my husband will be home soon, and then I have to go to a Pack Meeting for my Cub Scouts.

I was finally able to connect with the student I was too hard on this last Monday. She came to class, and I did say right away to the class that I had been too hard on her and I owed her an apology. I also said that sometimes I make mistakes, and if they think I am stepping over the line, they can call me on it, because I give them that permission. They all seemed very surprised.

Class went really well. I started with a writing prompt: John Denver singing “Homegrown Tomatoes.” They hated it! Most of them had very little to say about it, even after the small group discussion, which usually prepares them very well for a discussion with the whole class. What I’m learning about this class, though, is that they complain and moan and then do what I ask and usually have fun. And apparently, learn something.


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