Background scaffolding I usually give my students in class

I usually teach a few foundational concepts at the beginning of the semester, but because I am still experimenting with what makes 121 distinct from 122, I didn’t do that this semester. Toward the end of this first unit/cycle, I discovered that many of my students had no idea why they were ever asked to write a paper for a class (except to spit back what the teacher already said), and they really didn’t understand why they were being asked to do all this research and write about food in an English class. To cover all the missing scaffolding in an efficient way that students can return to if they need it, I made some movies and posted them on YouTube. I will continue to update this list as I get more movies done. This is sort of a flipped classroom curriculum design. I’ll also comment on how useful the movie content appears to be to these students.

I subtitled the movies because I have a hard-of-hearing student (formerly Deaf, but with an implant) and several ESL students. I talk quickly, and the subtitles help everyone follow along and make it easier to skip to the part of the movie you are trying to remember (using the subtitles as markers along the way). Each movie also has a PDF that the students can download from Blackboard and use to follow along.

Movie #1: “Sensory Reception with Brain Glossing” and PDF

Movie #2: “Social Knowledge-Making” and PDF

Movie #3: “The Problem of Language” and PDF

Movie #4: “Don’t Be a Sheep” and PDF


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