How We Make Knowledge Videos and Handouts

Any handout that is not attributed to another originator in print on that handout or in its listing on this page is my own original work.

I use these materials to get students all on the same page at the beginning of a semester. If the image text on the videos is too small for you to read, use your browser settings (under the “View” drop-down menu, probably) to make it bigger. The Windows shortcut to make the image bigger is Ctrl-+.

Things I Used to Know, a song by James Casto illustrating the fluidity of knowledge in a way that college students can easily relate to.

begin quote largeKnowledge is fluid. This concept makes a lot of sense to me. I understood it better through the song when he sang about the things he knew when he was a kid and what he knows now.end quote large

begin quote largeKnowledge is everchanging. Yes, I’m always learning different answers to questions I already had an answer for.end quote large

begin quote largeAs we get older, what we perceive as ‘correct’ changes, and in turn, life gets harder. Yes, when I was younger, I thought about things completely differently than I do now. For example, ‘dying’ didn’t make any sense to me. But when my uncle died when I was 7, I quickly learned he wasn’t coming back.end quote large

Sensory Reception Diagram with Brain Glossing

begin quote largeYes this makes sence. The sences we have can pick up many different signals. Smell, touch, hear, see, hear, etc. When we use them in the right way we pick up information that is very useful to use.end quote large

begin quote largeThe idea that brains filter all sensory information that is taken in makes perfect sense to me. This comes into play often in my life, especially when I am learning something. If I am interested in a topic, I remember much more about it than if it’s something that bores me.end quote large

begin quote largeWhen my boyfriend will say I said one thing and I really didn’t, I feel like that connects to hearing, or memory.end quote large

Social Knowledge-Making Diagram

begin quote largePeople cling into groups with those we share common interests with them and only let others assimilate if they provide information or services that benifit the group. One example is politics. Everyone groups together in a way that gives them the most gains.end quote large

begin quote largeMade me feel as if we should make an effort to listen to others because we all come from a different background ex: some people believe in global warming, others do not.end quote large

begin quote largeIf groups come together to discuss knowledge then doesn’t the loudest person dictate what the groups thinks?end quote large

begin quote largeThe reason we have to do group work is because we learn from each other. Everyone picks up things a different way. The idea makes sense to me. I can see the concept being used in my Psychology class. Different people view concepts differently and when they disagree or agree you learn new aspects of something.end quote large

The Problem and Opportunity of Language

begin quote largeI understood it better when you spelled out your name and how certain letters of your name don’t work without others.end quote large

begin quote largeThis concept makes borderline sense to me, I understand that language can be a way to break down walls but also a barrier. Unfortuately its the best thing we have other than art.end quote large

begin quote largeOver time communication changes and sometimes not everyone can understand you because you come from different times. I do agree with this, an example would be when I talk to my mom about something and she doesn’t quite understand. It’s because she was raised different at a different time and she doesn’t do exactly what I do.end quote large


The Making of Knowledge script

Credibility Comparison:


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