Teaching Portfolio

This portfolio serves as the repository for the results of my continuing journey toward perfectly effective teaching. As such, it reflects my current perspective and materials, but also some useful, previous steps I have taken toward my current stance. For example, my materials for Composition 2 were developed before my most recent materials for Composition 1. The process of developing new curricula for Composition 1 (in Fall 2012 at the College of Lake County, and in Fall 2013 at St. Louis Community College-Wildwood) gave me some new ideas for Composition 2, which I will implement the next time I teach that course. In other words, this portfolio is a work in progress. Comments and suggestions can be posted on any page or post.

The accompanying blog on teaching and learning contains my personal commentary, written contemporaneously with the materials presented here. I provide some links from this portfolio to blog posts that illuminate my goals and process especially well.

Table of Contents

Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Goals and Improvement

Representative Syllabi and Course Calendars

Course Texts and Teaching Resources

Course Handouts, Video, and Assignment Instructions

Sample Student Papers

The Learner’s Bill of Rights in Practice

Student Evaluations (not yet posted)

Classroom Observations by Faculty Peers and Adminstrators  (not yet posted)

Curriculum Vitae  (not yet posted)


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